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Liquid Bulk Transport

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Liquid Bulk Transport

Worldwide Logistic Partners, Inc. provides a packaging system for the safe movement of bulk liquids in 20' standard containers, making it possible to ship up-to 6,500 gallons (24,000 liters) of non-hazardous liquid.

Safety of the product is assured provided basic guidelines are followed.

We can furnish different types and sizes of flexi tanks depending upon your product and weight.

Tank containers provide the means for the safe, effective and economical shipment of liquids in bulk on a door-to-door basis.

Benefits of bulk shipping in ISO Tanks include:

  • Less temperature fluctuation in transit
  • Extension of product shelf life by up-to 6 weeks
  • Minimize costs including shipping customs charges and potential waste
  • Increased flexibility to respond quicker to market demands
  • Reduced carbon emissions

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