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Customs Services

Currently, so much emphasis is on global sourcing and free trade agreements that Customs issues have assumed an increasingly important role in the supply chain.

Worldwide Logistic Partners, Inc. offers global Customs services to its clients.

Now our customers can depend on us for all Customs compliance, reporting needs of the marketplace, and release. Worldwide Logistic Partners, Inc. provides full Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) / Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU) services for shippers and agents worldwide.

Our experienced Customs Team consists of certified and skilled professionals, highly experienced in specialized entries including, but not limited to, the below:

  • Reconciliation Entries
  • FTZ documentation
  • FDA Filings
  • EPA & DOT Clearances
  • Warehouse Entries & Withdrawals
  • Carnet Clearances
  • Customs Bonds
  • USDA Filings
  • Duty Drawback Filings
  • TIB Entries
  • In Bond Transactions
  • Import Consultation Services

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